TECA (Técnicas Europeas de Cultivos Agrícolas) brand was born in 2005 influenced by the European tradition in research and development of new agricultural solutions for modern, sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.




Professionalism & Quality

The experience accumulated in field trials during all these years in the TECA brand has allowed us to verify the improvement of our products and has provided us with specific knowledge of the uses and times of application of each of them, contrasted in different crops and climates.

In this way, we maintain our firm commitment to contribute to the advancement of modern agriculture. All these factors have made the company adapt to be more efficient, technical and sustainable.

This philosophy has allowed us to evolve in the quality and added value of our products, going from basic products (NPK and correctors), to more technologically advanced products with greater added value, such as biostimulants and defense inducers. Products with a high degree of technical knowledge to carry out their formulations and manufacture, all under the premise of zero waste.

TECA products

Investigation & Innovations

At TECA we have created and developed since its foundation more than 200 formulations and different variations to adapt them to the specific needs of our customers.

We have a wide range of latest generation products of defense inducers, bioactivators, nutritional and anti-stressors.

All of them created to increase the quality and quantity of your crops, prepare them for possible diseases or pests, recover from stress suffered and correct any deficiencies they may have.