Our biostimulant fertilizers help you to optimise crop yield at all stages, from seed germination to fruit ripening. They also reduce the stress caused by diseases, adverse weather conditions, phytotoxicities, etc. Help you to achieve high quality profitable crops that respect the environment.





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Better efficiency without increasing passes

At TECA we know that in extensive crops it is very important not to carry out extra work that increases the costs of the farm. Our biostimulant products for extensive crops are applied taking advantage of the application of other products, thus we manage to increase the yield of the crop and the profitability of the work.

At TECA we have developed a line of biostimulant products. They are applied to plants and soils to regulate and improve the physiological processes of the crop. They increase the efficiency of the natural processes of your plants, making them more productive and thus increasing the profitability of your harvest. Our biostimulant product help you optimize crop performance in all its phases from seed germination to fruit ripening. As well as reducing the stress of diseases, adverse weather conditions, phytotoxicities, etc.

You will get better root growth for a good implantation in the field, better quality flowers, increased fruit set, crops with homogeneous maturation or higher quality in your fruits. All the products we work with at TECA are carefully manufactured from plant extracts and do not contain active ingredients that are harmful to the environment, therefore they are Zero Waste products.

Definitely, our biostimulant product help you achieve profitable and quality crops while respecting the environment.