Our line of nutritional products offers tailor-made solutions for each plantation. Specially designed to improve the richness of the soil and the absorption of nutrients by plants.





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Crops with no deficiencies


A lack of nutrients leads to plant diseases and injuries, making your crops less productive and even prone to death.  With our range of nutrients, you can supplement your plants when they require high levels of these nutrients, or when soil levels are low, thereby saving your crops.


The most active component of humic acid extract

    We have specifically designed products to penetrate the plant and have a positive impact on its metabolism through the activation of genes, proteins, and enzymes.  For example, activation of H+-ATPAse facilitates nutrient uptake, which leads to an increase in both aerial and root biomass. Thus, the crop yield is boosted.


  • ANTIOXIDANT effect

    Our organic matter helps to reduce oxidative damage thanks to its antioxidant capacity. It contains molecules that activate different metabolic pathways to synthesise compounds that neutralise free radicals.


  • HUMIDIFIER effect

    Its application decreases surface tension when the formulais applied to the leaves, allowing the droplets to spread out all over the leavesand and to increase the surface contact area, which enables the leaves to absorb the active ingredients more easily.



    The fact of maximising the harnessing of available nutrients in the soil is of vital importance in order to get the best crop yield. Our organic matter, which is rich in fulvic acid, helps nutrients reach the roots better due to two complementary effects:

    • The optimisation of the soil solution pH since the nutrient elements become more soluble at slightly acidic pH levels.
    • Its chelating effect, coordinating the cations and generating more soluble or mobile organo-metallic complexes in the soil.


  • Better Absorption
    To the optimization of the pH of the soil solution since the nutritive elements are more soluble at slightly acidic pH. To its chelating effect by coordinating with the cations, generating organometallic complexes of greater solubility and mobility in the soil.


  • Encourages the proliferation of BENEFICIAL MICROORGANISMS

    The fulvic acids which are part of Lombrico Mol75 provide food for rhizobacteria and symbiotic microorganisms that generate ideal conditions for root development, preventing the settlement of plant-pathogenic species which are harmful to the crops.



    Poorly structured soils are characterised by low cohesion levels between their particles, leading to the loss of water and nutrients. Our products act as adherent between them, promoting the retention of both water and nutrients and thus, solving the problem.

Organic matter

Biostimulant effect

The organic matter we use in our products is formulated with fulvic acids, the most active component of humic acid extract. Thanks to their solubility, they influence the plant’s inner and outer environment, improving the soil conditions, the availability of nutrients, and acting as a powerful biostimulator