The vine is a semi-woody and climbing plant. Despite the belief that it is a rustic plant and that it can adapt to any terrain, experience and research show us that the vine has preferences and that it develops better in soils with specific characteristics, such as a medium pH in around 6.5, since a lower one could greatly reduce its yield and quality.For a correct fertilization, more profitable and efficient, it is necessary to take into account the main nutrients.

The macronutrients are those that the vine needs in greater quantities, but micronutrients should not be neglected as they are essential for proper physiological development.

Some of the most important in the vine are iron, boron and manganese.

Solutions for


incrementar la maduración de la uva, así como incrementar el nivel de grados brix

Uso de TECA Fruit en cultivos de uva de mesa y de vino para mejorar color y grados brix


Increase the ripening of the grapes, as well as increase the level of Brix degrees.