Latest generation defense inducer developed to activate the plant’s natural defense mechanisms, guaranteeing total and 100% natural protection of the crop against all types of pathogen infections.

The product is free of biocidal substances, does not show phytosanitary activity and is a zero residue product, so it has no pre- or post-harvest safety period.

  • Fruit of the most advanced research and technology, its formulation contains a unique combination of inducing substances chosen for their high efficiency and high synergy:
  • The product acts in a systemic in the plant, leading to the best global protection of the treated crop.
  • Its exclusive formula biostimulates all the metabolic pathways involved in activating the plant’s natural defenses.
  • It sets in motion and enhances the production of antimicrobial enzymes and natural crop-specific phytoalexins treated, as well as the biosynthesis of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and the fortification of cell walls.

Teca® TOTAL prevents infections when applied before the pathogenic attack and, once the disease has begun, helps to contain its advance since the culture can fight it adequately.

Teca® TOTAL, the TOTAL security that the good health of your crop will lead to its MAXIMUM yield.