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Before treatment
After treatment
Location México

Demonstrate that thanks to the TECA program it is possible to increase the production of the raspberry crop, as well as improve its state of plant health

Crop Red Fruits

Raspberry: improved productivity

Trial design


A program is carried out with the products TECA SENSESAL, TECASOIL, TECA ROOT and Aminoteca 30%, to improve the state of health of the plant, having a greater vegetative development and greater productive capacity.

Trial design

Two areas were delimited within the farm:

  • The control area where the farmer’s usual program is used
  • The area treated with Teca products, where Teca SENSESAL is added at 5L / ha and Teca ROOT at 3L / ha in even weeks and Aminoteca 30% at 3L / ha and Teak Soil at 5L / ha in odd weeks.


A clear improvement is observed in the development of the crop, plants with more vigor, greater quantity of fruit per plant and greater leafiness, which translates into a considerable increase in harvest.