abono para almendros
Before treatment
After treatment
Location Hellín, Albacete
Company Farmer

Increase the vigor of the plant, as well as its photosynthetic capacity, in times of high energy demand

Crop Fruit Trees

Teca Fe to improve the vigor of the almond tree

Trial design


A trial was carried out to demonstrate the efficacy of the Teca Fe product in increasing the energy levels of a crop in high demand situations. The proposal consists of carrying out an application of the product at specific moments of the growing cycle.

Trial design

Two areas were delimited within the farm:

  • The control area where the product is not applied
  • The treated area in which the product is added at 3L / 1000L.


Thanks to the application of the product, it is possible to increase chlorophyll levels by 25%, thus increasing the photosynthetic capacity of the crop, providing it with energy for the sizing process of the almond.