incrementar la maduración de la uva, así como incrementar el nivel de grados brix
Before treatment
After treatment
Location California
Company Several farmers

Increase the ripening of the grapes, as well as increase the level of Brix degrees.

Crop Grapevine

Uso de TECA Fruit en cultivos de uva de mesa y de vino para mejorar color y grados brix

Trial design


Different tests were carried out with the Teca FRUIT product to increase the levels of brix degrees in grape cultivation, as well as to improve its ripening process.

Trial design

Two test areas are determined in each of the farms: The control area where the product is not applied The treated area, in which 5L / ha Teca FRUIT are added at the time of veraison.


An advance in the maturation of the fruit is observed, as well as an increase in the level of Brix degrees of all the varieties in which the product is applied