abono para tomates
Before treatment
After treatment
Location Elche, Alicante
Company Farmer

Demonstrate the efficacy of TECA products in tomato cultivation. Reduce the quantity of fruits with cracking problems in the vegetable fattening and maturation stage, increasing the quantity of first quality commercial vegetables.

Crop Vegetables / Horticultural

Teca FULLBOX to avoid problems of cracking in horticultural

Trial design


A trial was carried out to demonstrate the efficacy of the Teca FULLBOX product in avoiding cracking problems in fruits and vegetables. The proposal consists of making periodic applications once we enter the ripening phase of the tomato.

Trial design

Two areas were delimited within the farm:

  • The control area where the farmer’s usual program is used
  • The area treated with Teak products, where the Teca FULLBOX product is added to the farmer’s usual program


Teca FULLBOX product manages to reduce by 50% the number of fruits that present problems of cracking in the skin. In addition, greater elasticity and turgor is appreciated, thus increasing the quality of the tomato.