abono para alfalfa
Before treatment
After treatment
Location Chowchilla, California
Company Farmer

Reduce the sodium content in saline soils, to allow the regrowth of the Alfalfa.

Crop Extensive

Teca SENSESAL in "Alfalfa" cultivation

Trial design


A trial was carried out to demonstrate the efficacy of the TECA program in avoiding salinity problems. For this, the products Teca SENSESAL and Teca BASE were used

Trial design

Two areas were delimited within the farm:

  • The control area where the product is not applied
  • The treated area, in which 5L / ha of Teca SENSESAL and 6L / ha of Teca BASE are added after the first cut of the Alfalfa


A great reduction in salinity is observed in the treated farm, which translates into a greater regrowth of the Alfalfa after the first cut, allowing to have a more productive farm.